Shirin James

Shirin's Bio
Attorney Shirin James is the legal counsel for Naztec International Group LLC on immigration matters.

Using a more personal approach, she creates customized solutions, meets with clients, accompanies them to hearings, interviews, and represents their interests before U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. She enjoys creating a sound case strategy to increase the rate of success and minimize the personal and financial stresses that so often accompany the legal process.

Ms. James was born in London, England and has personally experienced the immigration process as an exchange visitor, H-1B nonimmigrant worker and the permanent residency process based on employment. She appreciates the many personal and legal challenges confronting those who want to call the U.S home. Her exceptional legal knowledge and innovative approaches when combined with having lived both sides of the immigration experience, give her a unique perspective, track record of success whether she is representing them on a local, national or international level.

She is able to represent clients worldwide and accept most type of cases because US immigration law is federal and thus identical in all fifty states. Ms. James earned her law degree from Kingston Law School, Kingst
on University, United Kingdom